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In the modern world, only a few can boast of natural and beautiful hair. Since not every lady has enough time for proper care of her hair, and many do not even know how to do it correctly. Below we describe the basic tips for hair care from professionals.


Many ladies think that there is nothing easier than to choose a shampoo, it is enough to determine your hair type and choose a cosmetic for washing. But it's not really enough. Before buying shampoo, you should carefully read the label, and read all the recommendations regarding use. It is important to pay attention to the percentage of natural substances contained in the product. It is best to buy cosmetics based on natural ingredients, which cost more, but at stake is the health of your strands, and therefore should not save.
The main reason that indicates the wrong tool is the rapid greasiness of the hair after washing. In this case, it is necessary to choose the means, which include a small amount of protein. It is better to give preference to shampoos, which include herbs. If you have brittle hair, it is necessary to select funds with nutritional components.


In order for your curls to remain beautiful, you must refuse to wash with hot water, this spoils their condition. But very cold water should not be chosen, its temperature should be comfortable for the body-warm. Before you distribute the shampoo, you need to wet your hair and give them a few minutes for a full adjunction. After that, the tool is applied, the head is washed, the curls are rinsed and the shampoo is applied again.
If you use protective products after washing, they should be rubbed only in strands, avoiding contact with the skin. To get rid of greasy luster, it is necessary to rinse the curls with a decoction of nettle, daily caring for them.


Drying is a procedure that also needs to be able to perform correctly. Hair has a negative impact on sharp temperature changes, and therefore should refrain from drying the Hairdryer. Even if you use such devices, it is worth taking models with cool air. After washing the head, many women wear a towel, it is not necessary to do it for a long time. And while your curls are not dry a little, do not comb them.


Health must responsibly approach to the choice of the comb. The best are products made of natural material. If your strands are tangled, they need to untangle and then just start combing.


The most important recommendation of hairdressers is to regularly cut the ends from their strands. Thanks to this procedure, the appearance of your hair will improve, and the curls will be much healthier. If you want to paint, you must first use tonics, as the paint can have a negative impact on the hair.